Sustainable Manufacturing Virtual Summit

Reduce, re-use, remanufacture & recycle

Sustainable Manufacturing Virtual Summit

Reduce, re-use, remanufacture & recycle







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We digitally connected with senior executives from these manufacturers:

Ball Packaging
BMW Group
Crystal Doors
The Scottish Salmon Company
Silver Spoon

What took place at the Sustainable Manufacturing Summit?

Manufacturers in the UK are aware of the benefits that a sustainable manufacturing strategy can bring such as increased operational efficiency, reduction in costs and waste, reduced carbon footprint, reputation strengthening and public trust. However, there is confusion over how best to incorporate it into existing products and processes.

Similarly, embracing the circular economy by designing products in a smarter way using reusable and recyclable environmentally friendly materials so that each product at end of life becomes a new resource is becoming a priority in establishing a sustainable way ahead.

In light of this, we hosted The Sustainable Manufacturing Summit, recognised as the virtual gathering of manufacturing professionals. 150+ sustainability-minded executives from the UK’s largest automotive, aerospace, defence, electronics, pharma, food and electronics manufacturers, came together to talk about the role of sustainability in their businesses.

Discover the online format here

Watch our recent Industrial Data Summit video which recently took place in April. The summit mirrored the format of our established and successful face-to-face conference, featuring a combination of Plenary and Discussion Room sessions. Click play to see the format in action!

Why become more sustainable?

Increase operational efficiency by reducing costs and waste

Respond to and reach new customers, increasing competitive advantage

Protect and strengthen brand and reputation and build public trust

Build long-term business viability and success

Respond to regulatory constraints and opportunities

I think this format is friendlier than just sitting and listening. I wouldn’t want to raise my hand and ask a question in front of a big audience. In this format, I feel safe enough to share and to speak. It is also easier to listen and pay attention, as well as go into more depth.

Systems Integration Manager, SEM Ltd

I’ve been to a lot of conferences before where normally you get talked at. The discussion format with the roundtables is really good because it enables people to discuss their challenges and really talk a topic all the way through to the end.

Digital Manufacturing Manager, Rolls-Royce

It is a very unique setup and I’ve never seen it before – where the industry leaders are connected together and talking about the best practices that can be applied, and the industry practices.

Henrik von Scheel, Originator of Industry 4.0

Take your next steps to a more sustainable manufacturing

Get unlimited access to the videos of the keynote and discussion sessions that took place as part of the Sustainable Manufacturing Innovation Summit 18 June 2020.