Richard Hagan, Managing Director, Crystal Doors

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From sceptic to converted, Richard Hagan is possibly the Greenest Entrepreneur in the UK today. He launched the Green Parties “New Green Deal” in the Northwest and has received acknowledgements in various publications for his best manufacturer practice. Shortlisted for sustainable manufacturing at the MX awards he presents Crystal Doors journey at many organisations’ meetings including IEMA, CIWM, Growth Company and GM Chamber. Adopting circular economy strategies with employees support and stakeholder engagement he plans to be carbon neutral by 2022.  5 years ago, he was driving fancy cars and having jet-set holidays, he has now converted to vegetarianism, drives an EV and has banned himself from personal or business flying.

During the past 5 years, Richard has achieved the near impossible to become carbon neutral by addressing every angle. He will enlighten and inspire the most sceptic climate disbeliever and is looking forward to sharing his experience of how sustainability can improve sales, efficiencies and profits without affecting cashflow.