Neil Ross

Neil Ross is responsible for driving, measuring and enhancing sustainability and ESG direction at Xaar, a world leader in industrial inkjet technology with a manufacturing base in Huntington, Cambridgeshire. His current role as Group Quality System, Sustainability Manager and DPO requires him to work with colleagues across all business functions to place an even greater focus on the company’s sustainability efforts and to lead the way in its ambition to reach Net Zero emissions by 2030.  Neil is currently leading a Xaar team that is responsible for launching the company’s first Sustainability Roadmap. Neil’s background includes 18 years in the semiconductor industry, having spent 18 years as a Quality Manager at Motorola / Freescale in Scotland. He joined Xaar as Head of Quality seven years ago to drive continuous improvement and extend Quality Systems to enhance the customer experience. Since then, Neil’s role has evolved to reflect changes in both the business landscape and the global demand for more sustainable business practices. Neil says he is passionate about wider ESG direction and the potential influence he – and the company – can have locally, nationally and internationally as Xaar develops its manufacturing processes, its people and products to thrive in the new sustainable economy.