Connecting sustainability professionals for a day of collaboration and learning

Manufacturers are aware of the benefits that a sustainable strategy that leverages digital technology (such as IoT, AI, Digital Twins, Predictive Analytics and Cloud) can bring. For example, increased operational efficiency, reduction in costs and waste, reduced carbon footprint, reputation strengthening and improvement in public trust.  

The results to-date have proven that sustainability practices go together with increased profits and competitiveness. However, there is still a lot of confusion over how best to incorporate it into existing products and processes. Sustainable Manufacturing Symposium will provide the answers!  

If we are going to reach net zero by 2050, it is critically important that we act now to future proof our organisations. Product, process and systems should be integrated at all levels of production and the four R’s – reduce, reuse, remanufacture and recycle should be followed in order to achieve short- and long-term sustainability goals. 

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What will you learn?

  • How to evaluate and optimise energy intensive processes within operations by monitoring and measuring the process units, lines and machines consuming energy? Which technologies to apply?
  • How to control overall consumption, economics and emissions?
  • How to leverage digital technologies that allow bi-directional control and connectivity to renewable energy sources such as solar plus battery storage?
  • How to introduce life cycle thinking to access the environmental impacts associated across the life stages of products.
  • How to promote supply chain transparency through industrial symbiosis where the waste from one process (materials, energy, water, capacity, expertise or assets) is used as a resource in another.
  • How to develop symbiotic communities that collaborate, and exchange material, water and energy streams between partners to increase resilience and economic gains and foster eco-innovation.

What will you achieve?

Increase operational efficiency by reducing costs and waste

Protect and strenghten brand and reputation and public trust

Improve performance and reduce resource footprint

Create sustainable operations that are resilient to unpredictable future events

Integrate sustainability across business functions

Manage cultural change during transformation projects

Respond to or reach new customers and increase competitive advantage

Learn how your peers are tackling and overcoming similar sustainability challenges


Join over 75 people in the industry – from senior data experts and users in leading manufacturing companies to industry experts from world-class technology companies.


Get educated on industrial data by learning from our inspiring keynote speakers, our expert discussion room hosts, and from your peers that contribute on the day. Come away from the conference with that one great idea that you can implement right away.

Stay ahead

The industry is constantly evolving, and nowhere is that more true than with data. Keep up to date with the latest technology and applications transforming UK manufacturing, and learn how others are dealing with the current disruption.

Solve your challenge

Whatever your challenges are, our interactive format lets you ask questions live, ensuring that practical issues and examples are discussed, including your specific challenges. Ask the questions you need answering – and learn from the experience of those who have been through it.

Kickstart your sustainability strategy

Wherever you are on the sustainability journey, Sustainable Manufacturing Symposium will give you everything you need to plan your next steps and start turning data into real business value.


Past Attendees Say

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    I’ve been to a lot of conferences before where normally you get talked at. The discussion format with the roundtables is really good because it enables people to discuss their challenges and really talk a topic all the way through to the end.

    • Digital Manufacturing Manager
    • Rolls-Royce
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    Sustainability in manufacturing is becoming ever more centre stage and The Manufacturer has provided a forum for keeping up to speed with the latest thinking and practical techniques in this area.

    • Chief Executive Officer
    • Trak-Rap LTD
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    Excellent and well produced event and format! Learned a lot and felt involved.

    • CSR & Compliance Officer
    • Renishaw

Who Should Attend?

Sustainable Manufacturing Symposium is designed for a cross-section of Manufacturing, Management, Finance, Operations, Engineering, Supply Chain and Sustainability professionals from companies with £50m+ turnover from every sector of the manufacturing industry.

Attendees will come together to share ideas and experience in an informal and interactive format and leave with new skills and ideas for how best to tackle the issue of sustainability at their respective businesses. Examples include:

  • Sustainability Manager / Header / Director
  • Energy Compliance and Sustainability Manager
  • Head of Operational Strategy / Product Development
  • COO / Operations Director  
  • CEO / Managing Director 
  • Head of Manufacturing
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Manager
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Engineering Director
  • Plant Director / Manager
  • Head of Supply Chain / Procurement / Transformation / Digitalisation / Lean Manufacturing

Previous attendees include